big sale Large dreamcatcher, Crochet doily dreamcatcher, macrame wall hanging, dreamcatcher wall hanging,brown dreamcatcher, boho dream c...


Large dreamcatcher, Crochet doily dreamcatcher, macrame wall hanging, dreamcatcher wall hanging,brown dreamcatcher , boho dream catcher, large dreamcatcher,boho decor inches

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~27" (68cm )
- height: ~ 61 (156cm)

baby yarn,
crochet doily

Brown symbolism
Brown is the color of the earth, fertility, the color of the bark of a tree. This color symbolizes stability, sustainability, dedication, common sense, reliability. It helps to overcome difficulties, to make important decisions, to concentrate attention. But there are negative characteristics of this color - disappointment, depression, refusal, destruction, uncertainty, constraint, boredom.

Brown color is associated with the rural house, life, with autumn, with the earth. People choosing this color are prone to melancholy, nostalgia, solitude. They want a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, from unsolved problems.

In psychology, brown and all its shades are considered the color of sensuality, comfort, safety, comfort, and the color of the home.

In ancient Greek mythology, brown was the color of the goddess Hera. It is the goddess of agriculture, death and resurrection. In Christianity, brown, especially its dark shades, personified the color of Satan, passion and the color of carnal pleasures. The civilians tried to sidestep everything that was brown.

In Islamic culture, this color means decay, discord, decay, destruction. In ancient times, African tribes used brown as a sedative. In ancient Egypt, brown was revered as the color of life and birth.

Brown color in the interior was used in antiquity: tables, chairs, beds. The room, made in chocolate color, soothes, does not strain, gives a feeling of comfort, comfort and safety.

Brown is a solid and elegant color, so it is chosen by people who have been in motley rooms for a long time, with loud music, or people who are forced to communicate with a large number of people. In the brown room, these people relax with their soul and body, calm down, relax. This color fills with new vital forces, gives a feeling of peace, stability.

This color can be used in any room, as it is not defiant, not vulgar, not bright, but not neutral. In brown color, flooring (floorboard), walls, furniture are usually performed.

For children's rooms, it is best to use brown color only for flooring and furniture. And the walls, ceiling, furniture to perform in a more cheerful color.

Brown in Feng Shui belongs to the elements of the earth. It should be used particularly actively in the eastern zone, in the health and family sector. To improve, strengthen family relations or improve their health, it is necessary to strengthen the eastern sector with brown color.

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