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Festival boho moon dream catcher, multicolor dream catcher, baby shower moon dream catcher, multicolor moon decor

The new decor was made by my beloved wife in the style of a patchwork, a huge blue moon is made on the basis of wood, decorated with cotton fabric, satin ribbon, lace knitted twist, tassels decorated with wooden beads, plastic beads

This big boho moon will be a beautiful decoration for your bedroom.

The size of the moon is 32cm (12.60inch)
The length of the product from the mount - 76cm (29.92 inches)
Product length with an eyelet - 81cm (31.89inch)
Unpacked Weight - 0.520kg (18.34oz)

the size of the package is 40x40 cm (15.74 x 15.74 inches) - the weight of the product with the packaging is 0.350 - 0.560 kg will be recorded from the transport filler

Let these dream catchers decorate your rooms. Love you

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