big sale Carnelian, green jasper, Necklace Choker 19",Wedding Birthday Holiday Gift,multibead Necklace, Bohemian Necklace,Gemstone Necklace


Carnelian, green jasper, Necklace Choker 19",Wedding Birthday Holiday Gift,multibead Necklace, Bohemian Necklace,Gemstone Necklace

Carnelian, green jasper, moonstone Necklace, crystal beads, metal fittings, glass beads

bead length with extension 19 inches (48 cm), pendant Jasper size 2,5 inches (6.2cm)

** Jasper protector PROPERTIES**

Magical properties
People from ancient times noticed that jasper has special magical properties. Moreover, each color of jasper has a certain effect on its owner. Dark types of jasper protect from spoilage and witchcraft conspiracies. Cold-colored jasper helps to develop predictive abilities. Red jasper helps treat many diseases. Green - calms the nervous system. Brown - helps fight fear.

Astrologically, jasper is most suitable for Virgo and Taurus, but absolutely everyone can wear jewelry with this stone. Aries and other fire signs are recommended orange and red jasper. Watermarks are best suited for gray jasper. Signs of earthly elements are better to choose green and brown jasper. Signs of the air element - white and yellow jasper.
All girls who want to enhance their attractiveness are advised to wear red jasper jewelry. In addition, red jasper helps in career growth, improves mutual understanding with management. Lithotherapists believe that jasper is especially active in silver. In general, talismans from all varieties of jasper are used to establish good relations with management and colleagues. It is believed that jasper protects against the blows of fate.

Jewelry made from brown species of jasper is considered the best talismans for scientists and researchers - they focus attention, stimulate intellectual and emotional recovery. Pendants made of brown jasper are a great gift for schoolchildren and students.

Since time immemorial, black jasper has been considered a symbol of honor and duty. Black jasper adds wisdom, character stability, endurance and ingenuity to its owner, which helps in the most difficult situations. Black stones have always symbolized the hierarchical structure of the world, so black jasper is suitable for both leaders and subordinates.

All jasper of dark tones perfectly protect from "evil eye". It was believed that green jasper drives away ghosts and evil spirits.

According to ancient traditions, multi-colored mottled jasper has the greatest magical power. The stone radiates the whole spectrum of energy flows, contributes to the inspiration and discovery of the secrets of the universe.

Landscape types of jasper are the best choice for meditation and immersion in trance states.

One of the main properties of jasper is the protection of the home from evil eyes. It is recommended to store jasper figures in any home, which will bring harmony and understanding to your living space, attract good luck, success and prosperity. Experienced magicians recommend carrying pieces of jasper in their pockets to protect them from black witchcraft and troubles.

Jasper well charges the owner’s aura with positive energy, without causing him any harm. Therefore, you can wear jewelry with jasper to everyone and without restrictions.

Jasper helps magicians and psychics to exert their influence even at a great distance. By the way, practicing magicians recommend storing their jewelry in jasper boxes. Also, to protect against evil eye, damage and other negative influences, it is recommended to insert photographs of loved ones into frames from jasper.

Jasper has a powerful and heavy energy, carrying positive, warmth and tremendous healing power. This stone plunges dark forces and gives psychological balance, helps to quickly restore strength, strengthen memory.

Cornelian -Heart pleasing
Magical properties
The most diverse cultures of the peoples of the world celebrate the magical power of this mineral. So, the inhabitants of ancient India regarded the cornelian as a sacred stone, believing that it contributes to internal development. The ancient Egyptians called the stone a symbol of the frozen Sun. It was believed that the carnelian absorbed all the heat and energy of this planet. The ancient Romans made sculptures of gods and emperors from stone, which showed the greatness of the material.

The magical properties of carnelian

Mystical features of the stone appear if the stone was stolen. In this case, the carnelian will only harm its new owner, having a negative impact on health and general situation in society. If the carnelian jewelry was honestly bought or earned, the carnelian will become a magnificent talisman, protecting its owner, accumulating and saving energy.

Carnelian Beads

To enhance the influence of the mineral, it is recommended to wear it on your finger, imagining how an invisible ether envelops the entire body, flows through a stone into a person, filling all organs, as if breathing new power into them. Such exercises must be performed several times a day, this helps to improve contact between the owner and the stone.

By practicing this interaction, using the special vibrations of the carnelian, you can achieve some luck and success, get calm and prudence when solving important issues. This stone is suitable for those who slowly climb the career ladder. No wonder that in the Middle Ages the carnelian was considered a stone of good luck and success.

If a person lives outside the city in an open area, then the mineral is able to protect housing from bad weather, natural disasters and storms.

Necklaces and rings made of cornelian are endowed with protective properties against negative magical influences. So, according to the legends, the hand on which the ring with the carnelian is put on will never be impoverished. But in return the stone requires a reverent attitude and attention. Only with mutual respect can he endow his master with all the magical properties and qualities.

carnelian - this mineral has the following magical properties:

Promotes the emergence of love feelings and the emergence of strong affection for those who wear it. At the same time, he eliminates the obsessive love spell. Its owners are faithful, getting rid of unnecessary love relationships. For people born in August, this mineral contributes to happiness in family life.
It protects from accidents, saves from natural disasters, premature death, protects from lightning.
It has calming and pacifying properties, prevents any quarrels, raises the mood, eliminates the envious eye. Brings good luck in any business.
Helps to achieve truth and justice in litigation.
Improves memory and develops mental abilities, helps to become a person more eloquent, makes him insightful and gives the gift of foresight.
It helps to reveal the abilities in a person that are inherent in nature, for example, talent for painting, music, theater.

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