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Blue+red gemstone howlite Necklace 16.5", Natural Stone Jewelry, Reiki Chakra Jewelry, Boho Necklace, Gemstone Necklace, gift Christmas

bead length with extension 16.5 inches (42 cm)

Govit is a rare stone, which in its composition is a type of calcium borosilicate. It got its name in honor of the geologist from Canada Henry Gove, who is the discoverer of the gem. The stone can be found under other names - Turkven, taulit, howlite, pressed turquoise and others. It has magical and healing properties, therefore it is very popular among users. In nature, howlite is usually found in a round shape of light gray with dark spots. This color of the gem does not always suit jewelers, so the stone is often painted. The most popular colors in which gems are repainted are blue. For this, the gem got its other name - pressed turquoise, although there is nothing in common between these stones. To color the gem, green tones are also chosen, less often - red. Such stones will be a wonderful decoration, but, from the point of view of magic and medicine, they will be useless.

The healing properties of stone The healing properties of govlite is not a myth, but a proven fact. Even traditional medicine confirms this. The healing properties of the stone are due to its chemical composition. The gem contains calcium, which is necessary for the normal growth of bones, cartilage and muscle tissue. This means that howlite can be worn for fractures, cracks, dislocations, sprains, torn ligaments and other similar problems. During pregnancy, women are advised not to part with the gem. It will help to avoid all the problems that accompany this period - toxicosis, irritability, and others. The gem will increase the resistance of the future mother's body to various viruses and infections, which can cause great harm not only to herself, but also to the child. Mineral improves the heart of a woman and strengthens the walls of blood vessels. During the birth itself, it is recommended that the mother keep the stone closer to the body. Govit will make it so that for her this process will proceed easily and safely for life, including the life of the child. In lithotherapy, howlite is used to perform various types of massage. The gem warms up the body, preparing it for subsequent therapeutic measures. The following types of massage are performed with such a mineral: Anti-cellulite. Govit helps to get rid of the so-called orange peel. With varicose veins. Massage with this gem with this type of pathology helps not only to heal, but also restore the normal functioning of the veins. With blockage of blood vessels. Regular govlit massage not only helps to solve this problem, but also strengthens the blood vessels themselves. With joint diseases. The mineral stops the inflammatory process, relieves pain and restores joint mobility. Lithotherapy experts advise using a gem for toothache. Need to apply howl to problem areas. It will relieve pain and improve the condition of tooth enamel.

The magical properties of Govit - Govlit stone symbolizes eternity, chastity and purity of thoughts. White color at all times personified innocence, sinlessness, as well as light, power and strength. A gem drives away all negative emotions and thoughts from a person. It relieves anxiety and depression, helps to overcome depression. Suppresses anger, temper, and irritability. Govit is respected by mediums involved in the interpretation of dreams. A gem helps to remember a dream and correctly decipher it. Often the stone itself sends a person a dream, which contains information of interest to him, that is, the answer to the question. Those people who want to see prophetic dreams are advised to keep shawls under their pillows. The gem will help those people who seek knowledge and spiritual perfection. It frees the mind from extraneous thoughts and helps to concentrate on learning. Makes mastering new knowledge easy and affordable. People who are professionally engaged in magic are advised to wear howlite as an amulet to scientists, students and students. Govit reinforces a person’s charisma and his charm. Develops the gift of persuasion and oratory. People who are involved in politics or who are often forced to speak in front of the public should pay close attention to this gem. It is recommended to keep the mineral with you during exams and tests for prof. suitability for interviews or job placement. He will help with honor to pass all tests and get the highest score or the desired position. Govit can help strengthen mental activity, increase self-esteem and encourage self-improvement. With such a stone, the thirst for knowledge will never fade. The gem activates not only mental activity, but also increases the working capacity and endurance of a person. This means that it is suitable for those people who are associated with intellectual work and those who engage in physical labor.

Taurus and Virgo - this is who should pay close attention to howlite. They will feel its power and beneficial effect as soon as they touch the gem. Govit will help Taurus and Virgo become more persistent in moving towards the intended goal and more tolerant of people around. The gem will suit Scorpions and Capricorns. He will help them focus on the performance of a certain business and will not allow them to abandon it or turn their attention to other goals. Contraindicated howl fire signs of the zodiac - Sagittarius, Aries and Leo. If in most cases the mineral drives away negative emotions and thoughts, then here it will attract them. Because of it, a person can be affected by spleen, depressed mood and the like. The remaining signs of the zodiac, which were not mentioned, will not feel any effect of the gem: neither positive nor negative. Govit is a stone that does not need to be worn constantly. Most of the time it needs to be kept in a dark place. It is advised to wash the gem in water without soap, powder and other means. Chemicals can ruin a gem's tone and reduce its luster. There were cases that the shape of the stone also suffered due to improper care. To prevent this from happening, you just need to rinse the stone with water, wipe it dry and remove it away from sunlight. Then howl will always look like new.

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