big sale Amethyst Necklace Choker 18",Wedding Birthday Holiday Gift,multibead Necklace,Bohemian Necklace,Amethyst Gemstone Necklace, viol...


Amethyst Necklace Choker 18",Wedding Birthday Holiday Gift,multibead Necklace,Bohemian Necklace,Amethyst Gemstone Necklace, violet Necklace

Amethyst Necklace, crystal beads, metal fittings, glass beads + Onyx - a stone of inspiration and strength

bead length with extension 18 inches (46 cm)

Healing properties
Amethyst is used to relieve stress, strengthen the endocrine and nervous systems, increase the activity of the right hemisphere of the brain, normalize the action of the pineal gland and pituitary gland, cleanse the blood and boost energy. It regulates blood formation and improves blood circulation. Helps in the treatment of mental disorders, harmonizes all levels of consciousness, helps to increase intelligence and multilateral development of the individual.

According to popular beliefs, amethyst eliminates speech defects and prevents vices from developing.
It is believed that amethyst serves as an antidote for poisoning, protects its owner from skin diseases, headaches, protects from wounds and clarifies the mind. Used in the treatment of insomnia, as well as headaches resulting from excessive nervous tension.
Amethyst helps to overcome alcohol addiction. To do this, drink water infused with amethyst, or put amethyst on the solar plexus.
Magical properties
It is believed that amethyst gives a person insight, extinguishes mental pain, anxiety, fills the aura with good intentions, helps control evil thoughts. It favorably affects a weak and unstable aura.
Indian Ayurveda says amethyst helps control emotions. During meditation, it helps to achieve peace and relaxation, gives a sense of peace and promotes a depth of understanding. Initiates the opening of the "third eye."
Amethyst is an amulet from drunkenness. It is believed that the ring with amethyst brings good luck in sports. Amethyst jewelry is placed under the pillow to see good dreams.
As a talisman, amethyst attracts the mercy of rulers, makes a person alert, contributing to the growth of his prudence.

Effect on the Chakras
Amethyst acts on the frontal chakra (ajna) - the chakra of the Third Eye. Cleansing it and the crown chakra, makes the colors of the aura clearer, promotes internal vision.

Susceptible Yin (absorbs energy). It has the ability to turn negative energy into positive, and Yin fluids into Yang vibes.
Feng Shui
In Taoist practice, Feng Shui treats amethyst with great respect. It is especially valued for attracting great wealth and strengthening marriage ties. Amethyst crystal, laid under the bed at the feet, symbolically connects the spouses to each other.

Amethyst crystals extremely effectively attract material well-being. To do this, just place them in the South-West sector of your housing.
Name Relationship

Zodiac Signs - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Element - Air
Planets - Venus, Saturn, Neptune


Onyx - a stone of inspiration and strength
Magical properties
Onyx has long been considered a stone of leaders and fighters. It gives the ability to rule over other people, clarifies the mind and allows you to penetrate into the intentions of the enemy. Onyx strengthens memory and protects against sudden death and attempts on life.
Onyx strengthens spiritual strength, gives conjugal happiness. It is believed that it helps to get rid of indecision, shyness and suspiciousness.
In India, onyx has always been considered a symbol of luck and good luck. He takes away excess energy, calms and reconciles.

Effect on the Chakras
Onyx acts on the chakras in Manipura, but depending on the color, it can affect other chakras.

Projective Yang (releases energy, activates)

Zodiac - Virgo, Capricorn
Element - Earth
Planets - Mercury, Saturn

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