Alcohol ink, alcohol inks paint, alcohol ink drawing, alcohol ink art materials, art alcohol ink, alcohol ink canvas

Alcohol ink, aqua alcohol ink, alcohol ink paint, alcohol ink drawing, alcohol ink art materials, art with alcohol ink, alcohol ink canvas

Unique author's alcoholic ink.

aqua Alcohol ink

Unique alcohol-based alcohol ink developed with UV effect and reinforced fixation.

Ink is good for laying down on any synthetic base and coated paper.

Volume 15 ml (0.50 fl oz)

Unique author's alcohol ink.
Alcohol-based saturated ink with UV effect and reinforced fixation and high concentration, the ink is only suitable for painting, not compatible with epoxy.

Very bright and saturated colors with overflow of nacre in numerous faces, will fall in love with you from the first drop.

Ink is good for drawing on any synthetic basis.
Pastel colors are very beautiful on a black and any dark base.

The transparent, highly pigmented ink will adhere nicely to white or any light colored surface.

Pastel ink is made on the basis of white pigment - be sure to shake before use - there are balls in each jar for better mixing JUST SHAKE THE JAR WITH PASTEL PAINT.

Be sure to use pastel ink with a diluent with a fixing effect and after drying completely - ALWAYS COAT AEROSOL VARNISH.

The base of shades contains many metallics, gold with facets, antique gold, silver, shimmering metallic gold, lavender, mint and others - just before use

be sure to shake the bottle.

Volume 15 ml (0.50 fl. Oz.)

Ink shelf life 36 months at a temperature of 5 C - 25 C
Shake well before use.

Unique technology with superfix faces.

To create gold faces, you must use ink gold with a pop-up effect, gold with a pop-up effect can be added directly to the ink. When creating a picture, each color will have its own golden edge. You can add gold pop-up ink to ink thinner and apply gold over the dry drawing.

Recommendations for working with ink.

1. Be sure to use film on the table and rubber gloves for hands - to protect the surface from ink.

2.To work, you need to use ink thinner or alcohol (to the desired color saturation)

3.Pour the ink with thinner onto the surface of the synthetic base and a hair dryer - form the drawing with a stream of air, making circular movements around the drop you will create beautiful edges in your drawing.

4. Add a couple of drops of gold to the paint with a pop-up effect and you will get very beautiful edges, adding shimmery gold, silver or other metallics - you will create an unforgettable sparkle in your artwork.

5. Let the work dry completely - then cover the work with an aerosol varnish (glossy or matte), the additional varnish coating will save your work for many years.

6. After the varnish has completely dried, the work can be framed and decorated on the wall in your home, or you can make a gift to your friends.

Intuitive painting with alcohol ink - share your emotions with ink from ANT INK

Advantages - the ink dries quickly and does not require long-term production of the picture like acrylic, oil paint. Intuitive inspiration all you need and some more ink from ANT INC.

Ink solvent

black base for drawing

white double-sided paint base matte + glossy

translucent base for drawing

metallic ink alcohol

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