The semi-precious stone Jade is one of the most revered stones of the East, about which there are many legends and beliefs. First of all, it is the stone of immortality, as it was called in many parts of the world.

Jade is mainly green in color, or rather its shades. It is green shades of jade that are most often found in jewelry.


Healing properties

It was believed that jade is a panacea for all diseases. They wore it on themselves and thereby protected the whole body from diseases. In ancient times, jade was ground into powder and used as medicine. Nephrite has a positive effect on the functioning of the kidneys, stomach and intestines. It is believed that the stone facilitates childbirth.

When wearing pendants, necklaces and bracelets, you can get rid of nightmares and normalize sleep.

Jade is often used in the manufacture of massage products. It is believed that running stones on the face rejuvenates it and smoothes out wrinkles. The stone also relieves inflammation in the body.


Magical properties

In magical use, jade is even more popular. In the East, it is believed that this stone is the stone of Wisdom, Eternity, Heaven and Earth. Jade gives strength and energy to its owner, and is especially useful for people with a weak spirit and those who are constantly dissatisfied with life. Jade cultivates diligence, endurance, assertiveness and concentration of attention. The stone helps to cope with problems, to find a way out of problematic situations. Jade helps to gain stability in life, to get a permanent source of income for a person who works with his hands. For married women, the stone helps preserve family happiness. For those who are looking for their soulmate, the stone helps to find supporters, protects against unnecessary contacts with unnecessary people. Helps to find inner harmony.


The stone reacts interestingly to your actions. Depending on your actions, it can change color. The darkening of the stone indicates that you are in a state of stagnation, unwilling to change, improve and grow.


And most importantly! Jade prolongs life by affecting the quality component – health, happiness, joy, harmony. The stone changes a person’s consciousness, adding spirituality.


Jade is suitable for any Zodiac Sign, but it is most useful for Gemini, Pisces, Capricorn, Virgo.


A dream catcher or a crown can be combined from several stones (then they carry energy and action by intertwining and combining with each other), or from mono (one type of stone). It is best when the stone has the ability to touch the body, then it interacts best with the owner.


A dream catcher with the desired stone can be selected from the catalog or ordered individually. When ordering individually, we can start from your desire to interact in a certain direction (business, health, relationships, education, etc.), from the color scheme and style of decor (ethno, modern, romantic, etc.). Or use stones for the planet of your birth (day, zodiac, etc.).